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Info Sign

Take a look at the info sign Shae Bishop is working on. The sign will serve as a direct method of communication for everyone in the garden. Here we will be posting an array of useful information including upcoming events, rules and regulations and general matters of interest. 


This is an interview Stephen Henry did with Tracy Krumm and Theo Bunch last spring

Fall fest Photos!

Beautiful people, Music, Cider, and Games!

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Thanks to all of you that came out and were part of our fall fest!

Work Parties!!

Keeping up our community garden is no easy task. This is why we host our weekly work parties every single sunday beginning at noon. Several things are accomplished during this time, from weeding communal and individual bed to collecting any trash around the garden and harvesting our crops.

We are getting ready for a big event at the Home Grown garden. Thanks to a donation made by the Kansas City Zoo we will be bringing in pounds up on pounds of animal manure to use as fertilizer for your communal and individual beds.

The date this will take place is still to be announced but it will be happening in the near future.  We will keep you posted because we know that no one would pass the opportunity to come down and get involved in this right?!

Fall Fest!

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This past Sunday Nov. 6. We hosted out Fall Festival!!

If you were able to attended, you experienced first hand all the different activities we had planned for you.

From Croquet games, to frisbee throwing, music and hot cider.

All of this is an effort to get our KC green community together. We want you guys to be able to come down to the Home Grown garden and be part of an urban movement that extends well beyond Home Grown and forms part of a larger green collective effort.

Here is the beautiful poster Kaelyn Helmer created for the event.

Great example of how she is incorporating her interest and participation with Home Grown into her studio practice.

We are back! We have not posted in a while but out cyber presence is here to stay!

We want to get back in action by showing you a slideshow of images we put together from out beginnings back in February all the way to this fall season. 

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America: Now and Here

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Sunday, April 17th

Home Grown Work Party & Presentation by Dane Zahorsky from M.O.T.U.V.

Music by Eddie Edwards and friends

Hello farmers and gardeners,

We have not one but two big events coming up this weekend. I highly recommend both. Honestly these will be two of the coolest things to happen with Home Grown since that first shovel bit into earth.


This Saturday

Urban Farming Guys Tour

Carpool 1:30PM from Cafe Nerman

I can only take fifteen folk on this little escapade and I recommend you be one of them. The Urban Farming Guys are a community of families that have created a DIY, off grid, sustainable community in Kansas City. They are known coast to coast now for their experiments with sustainable living. They engage themselves in Tillapia farming, animal husbandry, methane gas energy experimentation, raised bed gardening, and the conversion of an abandoned school into a community center.



This Sunday

Home Grown Work Party &

Presentation by Dane Zahorsky from M.O.T.U.V.

Music by Eddie Edwards and friends

1:00 pm at  The Home Grown Site

Dane Zahorsky has been a community leader for years in the Kansas City Area. Dane is the father of MOTUV and the driving force behind a weekly vegan feast and brain storming session called Sustainability Sundays. He is an active artist, chef, and ran MOTUV farm for a season. Dane also happens to be one hell of a speaker. Come hear him on site and then jam out to live music by Eddie Edwards and friends while we get to working.


Sweet Deal

Bring two dollars and sign up to be a member of Kansas City Community Gardens. They will give you compost and seeds to get you started growing. Give your seed orders, money, and sign up sheet to me and I will personally deliver it and then deliver your goods to you. Just cause I like you all so much.




Home Grown is a student run community garden and urban farm at the Kansas City Art Institute.  located on 41st and Walnut street, the site reserves garden space for the KCAI community  to grow food, and natural art materials.  The KCAI Fibers department grows flax, natural dye plants, willow, and other  native plants for basket weaving paper making and cloth weaving. The garden also provides garden plots for students to grow food, flowers, or other plants for personal use.  Home Grown organizes educational lectures and work parties to ensure successful gardens, and like everything else at KCAI, a tight knit community.